Policy of President of the TGJTA Board of Directors for the Fiscal Year 2022 – 2024

at the Office of TGJTA


As President of the TGJTA and on behalf of the TGJTA Board of Directors for the Fiscal Year 2022 - 2024, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to every TGJTA members for your trust and confidence by electing myself and other 30 directors to the current Board of Directors. Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the all members of TGJTA Board of Directors who elected me as President of the TGJTA. 

All TGJTA directors and I are ready and willing to sacrifice our time to manage the affairs of the TGJTA within the rules and regulations outlined in the TGJTA Charter. We are ready to cooperate, facilitate and carry out our duties to the best of our abilities. The vision, mission and official administration policy of the TGJTA Board of Director for the Fiscal Year 2022 – 2024 are stated as follows: 


1. Expand market and create trade opportunities for members and entrepreneurs in the Thai gem and jewelry industry to grow continuously and sustainably; 

2. Build confidence and promote the TGJTA to be a leading private organization recognized by both domestic and overseas government agencies and private sector; 

3. Organize new activities to strengthen the TGJTA and development of personnel potential in the organization to have systematic work and effective performance for the benefit of the TGJTA members and the industry as a whole. 




In order to achieve the stipulated vision and mission, the TGJTA Board of Directors has established policy to support the development of the gem and jewelry industry in all aspects as follows: 

1. Resolve trade barriers and business obstacles 

1.1 Tax and various trade regulations that are not conducive to business operation 

Push the government to revise laws or trade regulations that are obstacles or not conducive to the business operation or trade. 

1.2 Raw materials 

Cooperate with countries that are important sources of raw materials in order to attract raw materials into Thailand continuously. 

1.3 Source of funds to support the gem and jewelry business by coordinate with banks to support Small and medium-sized enterprises which encounter financial transaction problems 


2. Develop and promote the potential of workforce 

2.1 Education

Cooperate with various educational institutions that offer courses on gems and jewelry and curriculum development to produce workforce to meet the needs of the industry. 

2.2 Production, design and trend creation for the industry 

Provide support to organize seminars and workshops including production and design workshops in order to stimulate invention, as well as encourage members to create their own brands and develop products to increase the competitiveness in international level both in quality and price, including enhance product diversification in Thailand. 

2.3 Training 

Provide training courses for workforce in the industry such as sales and marketing courses or after-sales service, etc. which are important foundations, as well as encourage the TGJTA officers to attend training in various organizations to enhance their potential. 



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