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Company name PETER STORE CO.,LTD.
Company Phone +6627388971
Province Samut Prakan

Peter Stone, G.G., A.G., F.G.A., founder and CEO of Peter
Stone Jewelry, first felt his passion in 1983, working as an engineer
on merchant ships. Living in Sri Lanka, he had the fortunate opportunity
of exposure to an abundance of precious stones.

Captivated by the beauty of these gems, he began to purchase and
trade them, as well as silver. It wasn’t only in Sri Lanka that he found
beautiful gems. He traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan to trade silver
for emeralds.

Feeling the passion for precious stones and gems Peter studied for gemology certifications.
There were many merchants trading poor quality stones and inferior silver. Peter wanted to ensure that
he could identify the differences and that he would only purchase the finest quality. He later received
additional certification in Belgium, Great Britain and the United States.


In 1992, after fully educating himself in the world of gemstones and jewelry, Peter Stone Company
was born. Peter opened his own factory in Bangkok, Thailand, where he resides. For Peter, this was
immensely fulfilling. He was finally able to take his passion and design beautiful jewelry. It is this passion
and creativity that continues to keep his company alive.

Jewelry, created with passion, has the power to captivate its beholder. It is the reason some
jewelry is passed down from generation to generation. The Peter Stone Company believes in passion,
and each piece of jewelry made is a reflection of this belief. It is from the hearts of our craftsmen that
the jewelry begins to take shape, and from the pride they have in their work that only fine quality pieces
are created.


To assist us in our unique jewelry concepts we have designers under the direction of Peter,
to bring in what has not been taught to them, jewelry design. What does this mean? Our designers
come from other mediums such as brush and pencil, not a limited jewelry only designer mindset.  

        We are not interested in the concept of traditional jewelry design for the world is flooded
with the average. This model belongs to the business of the large corporate entities and the smaller
fast money based businesses of the common and the average.

We start with a silver alloy process of 925 or better to ensure fine sterling silver content in
all of our jewelry. This is the Peter Stone 5-Star Promise. Guaranteed.    

         How? Our process begins right in our own factory; mixing of metals is done in-house to
create a fine sterling silver alloy from the purest silver available. Our reputable raw silver source
is a long established and highly respected firm in Bangkok.  

         In our future project we’re creating 1/3 of all new designs in gold, using the finest gold
available from our current reputable precious metals supplier. You’ll get the same guarantee in
our karat gold jewelry.

         Because we guarantee our precious metal content and the alloy process alchemy in-house,
you’ll get gorgeous jewelry 1st time ~ every time.  

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