Member Information
Company name RMP EXPORT
Phone number 9099933235
Country india

Natural Loose Cut and Polish Diamonds

RMP EXPORT is  leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Loose diamond, Certified diamond and cut and polish diamond based in surat, india. At the heart of our success as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Diamond is our constant endeavor to serve this planet – besides of course – our quest for absolute customer satisfaction. This evolution is only possible through the hard work by our employees, who execute every decision that is taken at the managerial level.

Our employees are hard-working, self-driven, team players and innovators, who are always ready to take up new challenges in the way we handle production and execute clients’ orders.

As a technologically advanced company, we are committed to ensuring that we provide the best quality diamonds with all the certifications in place, for our customers. We work with the latest technology and machinery to ensure that the production from rough diamonds to certified polished diamonds is done with utmost professionalism, care and with the experienced skills of our employees to make masterpieces from simple rough diamonds.

Why We?

Our wide range of products and unmatched prices gives you the perfect blend of quality and quantity. Our dedication towards client satisfaction has resulted in brand loyalty and helped us come up with a comprehensive in-house grading system which encompasses every minute detail of the diamond showcasing not only the location, size, type and the colour of the inclusions present, but also giving details about any defects or open inclusions left on the diamond surface during its manufacturing process.

This helps us maintain absolute transparency in the process which has transformed our new customers into recurring clients for the past 12 years therefore building long-term business relationships.

We believe our diamonds are a display of our morals therefore we showcase maximum transparency in all our processes which reflects in our competitive prices. This not only helps them form a bond with us but also expands our reach to a greater audience.

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