“Sapphire” is one of the most famous gemstones

The Capital of Gemstones : Not just Thai's Ruby but also “Sapphire from Sri Lanka Pavilion.”

“Sapphire” is one of the most famous gemstones, and demand from consumers for sapphires and rubies is continually rising due to the wide range of natural colors, high clarity, hardest materials, crafting such as heating or cutting, and design. Most famous sapphires come from Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and other countries.

The demand for sapphires and rubies is rising, particularly for the best-quality rubies from Thais and sapphires from Sri Lanka. Due to the importance of the ability to process the rough, such as production planning, heating, and cutting.

Thailand has been named “The Capital of Gemstones” during the 2023, Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair “The Sri Lanka Pavilion” will display excellent fine sapphires here.

Find investment prospects as well as a variety of different exhibitions for our alliance of exhibitors such as the LUX Zone, Diamond Zone, The Colored Gemstones Zone, Gold Jewelry, and Silver Jewelry Zones, and Also International Exhibitors Zone, which includes “Pavilions for Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, and Israel, among other countries”. Only here you can find what you need.

“Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair 2023”

Date: February 22 - 26, 2023
Venue : IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.


Organized by Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA)
Thailand : The Capital of Gemstones.

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TGJTA ร่วมยินดี GIA เปิดสำนักงานใหม่ ณ อาคารมิตรทาวน์

TGJTA ร่วมแสดงความยินดีและได้รับเกียรติร่วมพิธีเปิดสำนักงาน GIA-Gemological Institute of America ณ อาคารสามย่านมิตรทาวน์ ชั้น19

Tanzania delegation visit TGJTA

Tanzania delegation visit TGJTA

Welcome Mr. Msafiri L Mbibo, Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry Of Minerals, The United Republic of Tanzania and Tanzania delegation to exchange ways of cooperation between Thailand - Tanzania

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TGJTA ,GJPCT and NGOA of Nigeria signed MOU

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