TGJTA, GJPCT Team Up to Announce Readiness for Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024,
Aiming to Foster Sustainable Growth of the Gems and Jewelry Industry
and Reduce the Government's Burden on Subsidy

24 October 2023, Bangkok – The Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) and the Gems, Jewelry and Precious Metal Confederation of Thailand (GJPCT) kicked off “Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024”, set to take place from 21 - 25 February 2024 at the prestigious Impact Challenger Muang thong thani. This event is set to be the biggest Gems & Jewelry Fair in ASEAN to elevate the esteemed reputation of the Thai gem and jewelry industry, renowned globally as "The​​​​​​​ Capital of Gemstone" among global traders. Serving as the primary trading hub for gem and jewelry raw materials and holding one of the top spots in the minds of traders worldwide. The fair is also propelling confidence in being the center for trade and investment in the industry. Being a significant global player in the world of gems and jewelry, the goal is to leverage the soft power of "Ploi Thai"(Thai gemstones) and broaden their appeal among international tourists and general public. This initiative seeks to lay the foundation for the sustainable expansion and development of the Thai gem and jewelry industry.

Mr.Somchai Phornchindarak, Chairman of The Gems Jewelry and Precious metal Confederation of Thailand, stated “the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) is formidable gem association with a rich history spanning over half a century, with the largest number of corporate members in Asia, totaling 1,600 members. This collective strength is the result of the collective efforts and dedications of entrepreneurs, skilled artisans, and all of the extensive workforce associated with this industry, encompassing over 1 million individuals. The gem and jewelry industry has been a resilient pillar of the Thai economy over an extended period, holding the prestigious position of being the third most significant export commodity of Thailand. Beyond its economic resilience, the industry's complexity lies in the intricate fusion of science and art, rendering it impenetrable to be facile by Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Automation systems. This industry holds a pivotal and influential role in shaping the future of the Thai economy.


Meanwhile, Thailand is revered as the "The Capital of Gemstones" for global traders, serving as the primary destination for the trade of precious gemstones and jewelry materials. Acknowledging the paramount significance of reinforcing this robust image, the Association and Society envision the opportunity to solidify and showcase this image through the organization of the “Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024” scheduled to take place from 21 - 25 February 2024 The event aims to facilitate business negotiations and transactions for entrepreneurs, as well as to reinforce the concept of creating Soft Power through the promotion of "Ploi Thai" globally, expanding the popularity of colorstone from Thailand among international tourists and the general public. Additionally, the fair aims to provide an opportunity for global traders and individuals to directly purchase the highest quality-colored gemstones from the authentic Thai manufacturers. The projections for this event suggest exports amounting to no less than billions of baht, fostering the growth of Thailand's gem and jewelry industry into a pivotal sector for the country's prosperous future. This will not only provide secure livelihoods for the Thai people in the midst of fast-pace technological advancements era but also ensure the sustainable and steadfast growth of the gem and jewelry industry, which is inherently complex as previously mentioned. To combat disruptive trends, the Association and Society have proposed a strategy to ensure the steady and robust growth of this industry, while assisting the government in conserving the public's tax budget. This strategy involves pushing and promoting private sector entities within the expert and knowledgeable gem and jewelry market as the spearhead in the competitive landscape. The government, in turn act as a facilitator and supporter in this regard," stated Mr. Somchai.

Mr.Chomphol Phornchindarak, 1st Vice President of Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association and CEO of Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair, has stated, "Following the positive response from the past several years' events, we are determined to build upon this success by preparing for the 'Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024'. We have garnered enthusiastic support and collaboration from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, and the Standardized Gem and Jewelry Traders Association. Participants of the event will have the opportunity to explore the five luxurious zones, including the Colored Gemstone Zone, Diamond Trading Zone, Gold Jewelry Zone, Silver Jewelry Zone, and Equipment and Machinery for Production Zone. Moreover, attendees will enjoy direct access to manufacturers from various countries, ensuring that this event caters to all the diverse range of demands one could seek. Furthermore, this event gives a rare and exceptional opportunity for all to acquire gemstones and jewelry directly from preeminent global manufacturers with the utmost confidence. All participating companies have been certified by the association and the event is accessible to the general public without any charges, catering to the wide spectrum of needs, whether they pertain wedding jewelry, daily wear, investment purposes, or business sphere," Mr. Chomphol added.


The highly anticipated “Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024” is scheduled for February 21 – 25, 2024, running from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily at IMPACT Challenger Hall, Muang Thong Thani. Admission is entirely free. The trade fair is a key mechanism for elevating the reputation of Thailand's vibrant gem and jewelry industry.



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