Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair (TGJF) 2022”
on 1-4 September 2022, at 7th Floor, ICONSIAM

Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair (TGJF) 2022” will be held on 1-4 September 2022, at 7th Floor, ICONSIAM organized by the Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA), to present Thailand's uniqueness as a source of gems and jewelry of the world's important quality under the concept “The World's Gems & Jewelry Sourcing Destination” to push forward and present the potential of Thailand Gem and Jewelry entrepreneurs. Thailand is one of the world's most important sources of colored gemstone raw materials where is the first Sourcing Destination that is reminded by jewelry traders not only being expertise in colored gemstones but also a One Stop Service in jewelry manufacturing.


Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair (TGJF) 2022 ” is the first Gem and Jewelry Fair in 2022, which opens an opportunity for exhibitors to experience the lively atmosphere of the gem and jewelry trade fair on the real site surrounded by real entrepreneurs in the past 3 years after the Covid-19 epidemic crisis. In this exhibition, everyone will visit the quality colored gemstone raw materials such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, which have been meticulously cut, and any Gem and Jewelry Industries Group such as Gem Industry Group, Diamond Industry Group, Gold and Platinum Jewelry Industry Group, Silver Jewelry Industry Group and machine tool and technology industry groups, including gem and jewelry transportation companies. Therefore, this fair will be a channel to negotiate business with various groups of entrepreneurs and cover all processes of production from the raw material supplier of colored gemstones, and raw material processors to those who are acceptable of producing jewelry products. Moreover, the exhibitors will receive many privileges for our special guests organized by the TGJTA.

In the meantime, Mr. Somchai Phornchindarak, Chief Advisor to the Executive Committee of the fair, is assured that this fair will support B2B.  After the Thai Government has relaxed the Covid-19 measures and reopened the country and foreigners can travel and do business more conveniently in Thailand expect that traders from ASEAN countries will join at Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair 2022”. The Gem and Jewelry Fair which is organized by the real gems and jewelry entrepreneurs who know and understand the market needs, will bring seller and buyer to negotiate and see the real product and makes an effective Gem and Jewelry market. The aim of the fair is to stimulate the domestic and international economy together with the circulating income of Thai Gem and Jewelry entrepreneurs.


Mr. Chomphol Phornchindarak , CEO of TGJF 2022 sees that the cooperation of entrepreneurs from around the world is important . Therefore, the entrepreneurs from countries all over the world are the driving force for advancement in the industry and working together in the gem and jewelry business.





To participating the “Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair (TGJF) 2022” is not only to enjoy the fair but also a good opportunity to travel to visit the important tourist attractions of Thailand as well as to impress an experience of traveling to Thailand.

For further information, please contact ; Thai Gems and Jewelry Traders Association

Tel : 02 630 1390-7
E-mail : [email protected]
Line : @thaigem

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